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OMCE Jordan conical steel drums - absolute security, tested and proven a million times around the world, conical steel drums are ideally suited for transport of pastes, purees, juices and concentrates.


  • Galvanized bottom base to eliminate rust at seaming area

  • Real Capacity: 175lts - 230lts 

  • Container dimensions compliant with ISO certifications

  • Available with galvanized steel or plastic cover

  • Cold rolled steel sheet compliant with EN10130 & EN10131

  • Interior surface protection: painted with certified epoxy-phenolic lacquer prepared for the filling of goods in the food industry

  • Exterior surface: anti-rust coating in the color of your choice, one plain color & optional screen printing

  • Stackable up to 6 drums high

  • Special designs available upon request

Conical Steel Drum

Capacity (lts)

175 liters

215 liters

220 liters

225 liters

230 liters

Exterior Height

865 ± 5mm

950 ± 6mm

950 ± 5mm

1000 ± 5mm

1000 ± 5mm


*technical specifications sheets available at 

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